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MI-250 GO-TO Documents and Links
Here are copies of some of the support documents, a few supplier links and links to some users instructions and pictures.  Click on the hi-lighted text to go to the document or link.

A lot of information can be found on the MI-250 Yahoo Users Group
The Mount Leveling Pads are from MSC Direct and here are PDF's of the catalog pages.
The Nuts and Bolts Supplier was nutstoyoufasteners.com
CableWholesale - One Source of HC cable for G1 is CableWholesale.com
Aeroquest Machining was used for the last few Worm Gears. His contact email address is aeroqst@mtaonline.net
Cases for the MI-250 by ScopeGuard
Counter Weights by Robin Casady the MI-250 by CounterWeights They have stopped making items, but will keep open till stock is depleated.
You will also need the Robin Casady Counterweight Shaft What a shame to see them go.
Grease that Larry used in the MI-250 is Jet Lube 50
The bearing are from American Bearing Works in El Dorado Hills Ca.  See part number here
Please note: If you are intending to remove the worm blocks from the AZ or DEC then heed this warning. When you take the worm block off, make sure you have the assembly level. There are several brass strips below this worm block. They vary in thickness, and it is very important that you get them back in the same place they were. They are there to make sure the worm aligns with the gear correctly. If you mess them up, then the alignment will be off. I never could find out how Larry determined which strips and the thickness to use. Each mount is different. There are now instruction to replace the worm bearing here.
The paint that is used on the retro fitted mount is: Krylon Rust Tough Enamel Semi-Flat White, UPC code 7-24504-09201-4, it is listed on page 59 of there 2010 catalog at the bottom of the page.
I have finally located a source for it, my local NAPA dealer can get it, they use the number RTA9201.
There is also a direct order number where you can get it: 1-800-441-4223.
Saddle Plate hole pattern drawing.
More info on adapting to your pier or tripod
Larry had been re-drilling the motors for clearance reasons for the last model of the mounts (white) and the retrofit mounts (also white).  Here is a drawing of the offset. Motor drilling offset drawing Here is pictures of the Maxon Motors mounted without the offset in Tom Hilton's mount (white).
The Oldham coupler will need to ordered from Losmandy. That is were Larry got his. This is because they are custom size. One side is 5/16" and the other is 4mm or 3/16" (gearbox side). The side that is 5/16 has to be bored out to 8mm to fit the worm gear. This is about 0.0025 inches larger than the 5/16, but is necessary for it to fit.  Losmandy will do the 8mm drilling for an additional $25.00 per Oldham coupler.  You will have to call and arrange it.
The two Gearbox's on the MI-250 came from Losmandy. On Pre -2007 mounts the shaft of the gearbox had to be cut short. The amount that they were cut off depended on each mount, and each worm block mounting position. So the length was custom to each mount.
The clutch material on all MI-250's is UHMW. (0.030" with adhesive back). I don't know the measurements, or where it was obtained from.

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